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Gift cards for any occasion. Redeem your points for gift cards from popular restaurants and national retailers today.
Plan the perfect getaway. Redeem points for hotel rooms, rental cars, cruises or airline tickets with no blackout dates. Use your points to pay for all or part of your travel with redemptions starting at just 2,500 points.
Cash back is easy. It's never been easier to redeem your points for cash. Make a direct deposit into your checking or savings account, receive a statement credit and more.
Important Notice. The Mall will be ending March 2015. Until then, you can still use your credit card to earn bonus points from hundreds of online stores.
Start redeeming your rewards today.
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A Wealth of Benefits for Our Most Valued Clients

The Bank of America Accolades® American Express® Card is designed with one purpose in mind: to provide as much value as possible, no matter how you choose to use your Card. In addition to earning rewards for your everyday purchases, you will enjoy benefits that are simply extraordinary.

Travel Enhancements

  • Access to first- and business-class offers on international airlines

  • Premium offers at luxury hotels, spas and on cruise lines

  • Emergency Medical Evacuation coverage - We will come to your rescue and transport you to an adequate medical facility when one is not available locally1

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Exclusive Experiences

  • Access to experiences ranging from an in-home wine tasting to a hot-air balloon excursion for two.

  • With Ultimate Access® rewards, you can redeem your reward points for access to marquee events and exclusive opportunities. For instance, attend an invitation-only fashion show in New York or enjoy Country Music's Biggest Night at the CMA Awards.

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Bank of America Accolades® American Express® Card

Everyday Life Has Its Own RewardsTM. Life is full of necessities. Food. Clothes. Transportation. Entertainment.

Why pay cash when you can earn WorldPoints® rewards and reward yourself? Apply today for the Bank of America AccoladesTM American Express® Card to get the financial flexibility and unparalleled service, rewards, and privileges that you expect and deserve. Plus, for every net retail dollar you spend, you receive 1 point.

Exceptional WorldPoints Rewards. Take full advantage of a variety of WorldPoints reward choices, including travel on major U.S.airlines with no blackout dates; merchandise and gift certificates; discounts at key retailers, car rentals and hotels; and even cash.

Special Privileges. Powerful amenities available to Cardmembers include Identity Protection, special Cardmember offers at top-name merchants, concierge service and dining rebates.

Travel Security.2 Near or far, the Bank of America AccoladesTM American Express® Card protects you during your travels. You're entitled to up to $100,000 in American Express® Travel Accident Insurance and up to $100,000 in American Express® Car Rental Loss and Damage Insurance. Additionally, you're covered in an emergency with 24-hour access to American Express® Roadside Assistance, American Express® Emergency Assistance, Card replacement, and more.

World-Class Service. Convenient services give you 24-hour access to your account online with and over the phone with Customer Satisfaction specialists. With Free Additional Cards for your family, you can earn points even faster. Plus, with a year-end summary of charges, your financial planning and tax preparation are simplified.

Retail Assurance.2 Shop with confidence. Eligible purchases on your Bank of America AccoladesTM American Express® Card may be protected against accidental damage or theft for 90 days and your U.S. manufacturer's warranties are doubled, up to one year. Moreover, your Card is backed by enhanced fraud protection, guaranteeing you liability-free protection against unauthorized activity on your account.

1 Emergency Assistance is provided by AXA Assistance USA, Inc. Limitations and exclusions apply to benefits described here. Refer to the Guide to Coverage for complete details and restrictions.

2 Limitations and exclusions apply to benefits described here and in the Guide to Coverage. Refer to Guide for complete details and restrictions. Car Rental Loss & Damage Insurance and Travel Inconvenience Insurances (which provide coverage in excess of other insurance), and Travel Accident Insurance plans underwritten by Federal Insurance Company, a member insurer of the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies, Warren, NJ. Return Protection, Best Value Guarantee, Emergency Assistance Service and Emergency Roadside Assistance provided by AXA Assistance USA, Chicago, IL. Emergency Assistance and Emergency Roadside Assistance available to you when you have made at least one (1) purchase with your Card in the prior 12 months. Retail Protection and Extended Warranty plans provide coverage in excess of other insurance under a master policy of insurance issued by Virginia Surety Company, Inc., Glenview, IL. Concierge service provided by AXA Assistance USA. You are responsible for the cost of goods and services arranged on your behalf. The Identity Theft Recovery Unit provided by Intersections, Inc.

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